Enneagram: Real-World Scenarios to Help You Decipher the 9 Personality Types and Unlock Your Best Self (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 11,99

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 If you want to become the most enriched version of yourself through an awareness of the nine personality types, then pay attention....People are designed to fall asleep to their true selves - it’s an ordinary part of the human experience. But what if we don't want the ordinary human experience? How can we wake up, explore both the vibrant and dark aspects of the deepest corners of our personalities, and grow toward the best version of ourselves? How can we expand our knowledge of ourselves and others to become extraordinary? In this audiobook, you'll discover: 

Nine characters that illustrate the personality types in real-world scenarios
The number one method that accurately pinpoints your core personality type, wing, and instinct 
Key insights to understanding each of the nine personality types 
The top self-development must-dos for each personality type 
The one trigger that predictably impairs your personality type 
How others perceive your personality type differently than you think 
How your center of intelligence can cripple you - if you don't practice this technique 
Critical truths that must be remembered when interacting with each of the Enneagram types 
The top five reasons certain personality types clash - and how to resolve these conflicts 
Your personality "wing" and how it reliably changes your core personality profile 
Which of the three personality “weak points" is secretly limiting your success - and how to grow in spite of it 
A system to ensure you'll never forget the directions of integration and disintegration 
A bonus Enneagram test with insights into your unique personality type

The Enneagram is an ancient tool for analyzing the peculiarities of human thought and behavior patterns. It has stood the test of time because of its uncanny ability to resonate with people all over the world - even people who have struggled to accurately classify themselves previously. This audiobook breaks down the wisdom of the Enneagram so that anyone can easily understand it and apply it to their own journey toward self-discovery and improvement. It puts the Enneagram into real-world contexts so you can fully internalize each concept by seeing it in action. Even if you've previously struggled to grasp other explanations of the Enneagram, the hands-on approach in this audiobook ensures you'll walk away with a comprehensive understanding. If you are ready to take the next step in your journey toward self-discovery, then scroll up, click "Buy Now", and purchase today! 

Harriett Hunt
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27 maart
Jody Sanders, Jeff Sanders