Establishing Boundaries: How to Protect Yourself, Become Assertive, Take Back Control, and Set Yourself Free: Be Confident and Fearless, Book 6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you feel like you must cater to others and you don’t even know why? It’s time to stand up for yourself. 

Who is making the decisions in your life? There is a fine line between being generous and giving and being too self-sacrificing. It’s time to find that line and enforce it.

How to manage negativity and say no. Stop being a pushover.

Establishing boundaries will give you a diagnosis and breakdown of the beliefs that keep you under the control and manipulation of others. As we learn more about ourselves, we will pick apart our fears and insecurities and come to a wide variety of tools to take back your life.

This audiobook will help you will immediately start to understand how your life should be - free of obligation, fear, pressure, and pain. Never again will you fall prey to such disempowering beliefs.

Stop caving to pressure, obligation, fear, and guilt.

Patrick King is an internationally best-selling author and social skills coach. His writing draws a variety of sources, from scientific research, academic experience, coaching, and real-life experience.

Stop lighting yourself on fire to keep others warm.

Porous boundaries, flexible boundaries, and effective boundaries.
The proper language, phrases, and approach to protect yourself.
How to deal with toxic people and vampires.
Extracting yourself from bad situations.
How to make sure that your intentions match your actions. 

Know your rights, set your standards. Become your own master.

Imagine a life where you set your own rules and only do what you truly want to do. A life where you are immune to outside pressures, and don’t feel responsible for people’s emotions and feelings. A life where you are free to speak, think, and do what you want.

Learn to defend yourself. Buy this audiobook now.

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Establishing Boundaries: How to Protect Yourself, Become Assertive, Take Back Control, and Set Yourself Free

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Patrick King

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