Exploration and Adventure: Ten Explicit Erotic Romance Stories (Unabridged‪)‬

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Here is an excerpt of a review from acclaimed erotica author Danielle Austen of Molly Synthia’s short story, "ROBBIE’S STARLETS":

“The story immediately resonated with me on a personal level - though younger than the story's lead, I'm not getting any younger, and I completely related to the character's insecurities about not being enough for her husband, despite him being completely devoted to her in a genuinely happy, contented, drama-free marriage. As for the existential crisis, that was thanks to the quality of Molly's writing. The way she mixes a sexy story whilst using raw, believable feeling-based internal monologue to drive the plot, and resolve it all in an unexpected way whilst still using sex to further both the plot and the relationship of the characters, absolutely floored me. I've never read erotica like it.... Molly Synthia has shot straight near the top of my favourite erotica authors, if not authors of all genres, and I can't wait to read more of her work.”

This is from Michel Prince’s review of "Coffee Shop Girl":

"It always amazes me when people say erotica writers can't have a substance or are the basest form of literature. Molly Synthia not only described the sex scenes using more than the standard verbiage to describe a physical sensation that shouldn't be summed up in a few small 'it was amazing' type statements, she broke the experience down to the sensations felt in every nerve."

Who says erotica can’t have substance along with the sexiness? Who says you have to sacrifice the explicit in order to have depth? Molly Synthia doesn’t use words like “manhood” or “temple of love” to describe body parts. Nonetheless, her stories are filled with elegant and emotional power, and if you’ve always wished you could have the heat without giving up the heart, it’s time you discovered Molly.

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. It includes public sex, oral sex, first lesbian sex, first sex, first anal sex, lesbian sex, reluctant sex, rough sex, bondage, spanking, husband share, reverse gangbang sex, group sex, ffm threesome sex, masturbation, paranormal sex, and more. It is intended for mature listeners who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

And here are the other eight stories:

3. Cornered by the Coven: A Group Sex Erotica Story with the Girls in Charge

4. Daisy’s Experience: An Explicit Erotic Romance

5. Innocence Configuration: A Science Fiction Erotica Story

6. Ten on Each Cheek: An Erotic Spanking Short

7. Behind the China Doll: An Explicit Erotica Story

8. Leda’s Swan: A Paranormal Romance Short Story

9. Marsala Sweet (The College Girl, the Webcam, and the Value of Innocence): An Explicit Erotica Story

10. The Cuckold Threesome: An Explicit Erotica Story

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19 september
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