Ghoul: The Ghoul Chronicles (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 2,99

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A small isolated mountain town is plagued by a wicked forest-dwelling monster.

Only one thing stands in its way. A brave little child, armed with wit, a warm heart and fierce determination. A must-listen for all scary tale book lovers.

Ghoul is about a little girl named Violet, who lives in a small mountain town on the edge of a misty forest. The town has recently been hit with a mysterious plague. Many vulnerable people have fallen ill, and are in desperate need of medicine. The mayor has forbidden all the townspeople from travelling through the misty forest, because all who venture near the borders are never seen again. It takes one week to safely travel around the misty forest, but Violet only has three days to deliver the medicine to her sick great aunt.

In desperation and against all odds, brave Violet takes the forbidden shortcut path through the terrifying misty forest, to save her sick great aunt. She must use all her wits to survive this perilous journey, and will learn a few valuable lessons along the way. It is known that the misty forest is riddled with ghosts and monsters, and parents often tell the scary tale of the misty forest to warn children about the dangers. However, all is not quite what it seems….

Beyond the barren meadow, over the mountain pass, brave warriors fear to venture there, beware if you're a child.

The howling screams, the screeching bats, that shiver goes down to your knees, the misty swamp and icy winds, crick…crinkling through the trees.

At midnight, in the darkest hour, the monsters come out to feast, those fearsome beasts of vicious dreams, howling and gnashing their teeth.

But an evil monster more terrifying exists, foul, deceptive and cruel, the wickedest creature of them all, beware the two-faced Ghoul.

Suitable for ages 7+

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Rachanee Lumayno
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26 januari
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