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We are back for more with a second volume. 

Do you always feel stressed? Are you always anxious about the future? Do you feel like your brain never turns off?

Stop right there. Take a second, and take a deep breath. We are about to embark on a life-changing journey.

When it comes to relaxing and resting the body, most people do this quite well. However, when it comes to relaxing the mind, many individuals struggle and cannot seem to give the mind the relaxation it needs.

Many individuals think that meditating is something only Buddhist monks do. Others see it as some artsy-fartsy marketing scam or, even worse, something reserved for hippies blown away on drugs. To meditate is to observe thoughts and feelings without judging them, says John Kabat-Zinn. Meditation could be like a gymnasium where we train to let thoughts and feelings pass without clinging to them, a bit like "opening ourselves to life" without pretending anything and also without doing or observing anything else. The moment we realize that we have become hooked on a thought and we refocus, we are meditating. In fact, the Tibetans called the place where they meditated gompa, which means nothing other than "training room".

To meditate is to put your mind in the same place as your feet. If you understand that every time you bring your mind to the present, you inhabit your body, you are no longer on autopilot; you are meditating. You will see that meditating, in essence, does not take time. Meditation has become common to many people. Even people working for Google have their daily meditation space to improve creativity, humor, performance, and group connection.

For someone who is new to the meditation space, desiring peace, relaxation, and clarity...listening to a guided meditation is the best thing you can do for a beginner.

So, make sure you have got yourself a nice pair of headphones or earphones, tuck yourself into bed, close your eyes, and prepare for a new world of relaxation.

Tamme Buckner
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