Guitar Music Theory: Fast Track Your Guitar Skills with This Essential Guide to Music Theory & Songwriting for the Guitar. Includes, Songs, Scales, Chords and Much More (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 5,99

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Too many people start with bad guitar lessons, get frustrated, and give up.

Local guitar teachers seem like a great option at first, but you could risk getting stuck with a wannabe rock star who can't really teach you. Or you could try books, but most books are far too bulky and will leave you no better than where you started. 

Strumming a chord or two is not enough, nor is shredding a mindless solo piece. If you do not understand the essentials of music theory, you will never learn to truly play the guitar. Music theory can be complicated, and the biggest hurdle any guitarist faces at the start is understanding what they are seeing. 

The solution isn’t to avoid, but to learn and to face the challenge head-on. These concepts are not hard to understand. In this book, you will be provided with the information you need to get started and to take your guitar skills to the next level.

With that being said, all that remains is to begin our journey through the powerful world of guitar playing. 

In this book, you will discover: 

Guitar theory cheat sheets
Easily learn the musical alphabet (this will save you years of frustration) 
Visualization methods to improve musicianship and performance
Scales and key signatures - these are methods behind the music (plus tricks to using and reading them)
Beginner guitar chords (all the chords you must know)
Learn the circle of fifths and why all guitarists need it! 
Music modes - bring life to your songs with modal color
Songwriting tips for guitar players and how to overcome songwriter’s block
Gorgeous "color chords" that will inspire your playing 
And much, much more

Go beyond the phone games to play a real guitar and let me teach you how. I promise you’ll get there! Your fingers are going to be sore, but it's going to be fun.

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Brian Cohen
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18 december
Tommy Swindali