Hot Chocolate Labradoodle: Soul Mutts, Volume 2: Soul Mutts, Books 4-6 (Unabridged) Hot Chocolate Labradoodle: Soul Mutts, Volume 2: Soul Mutts, Books 4-6 (Unabridged)

Hot Chocolate Labradoodle: Soul Mutts, Volume 2: Soul Mutts, Books 4-6 (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 34,99

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Contains books four, five, and six of the Soul Mutts series.

The Great Escape, book four

Eliza Jacobson has always been the black sheep of her mega-successful family. She loves volunteering to work with the dogs at Pretty Paws, especially Athena, a Great Dane whose high-anxiety habits make her nearly unadoptable. She thinks she may have finally found her Prince Charming and the fairytale life she’s always dreamed of. But when he adopts Athena to use as a mascot, Eliza finds herself shielding the dog from Tony’s temper, and the Great Dane’s increasingly anxious behavior mirrors Eliza’s own growing unease. Will Athena’s friendship give Eliza the courage to stand up to Tony before his dark ambitions destroy everyone she loves?

Pitty Party, book five

Maggie Allen hates being a delivery driver, but she can't leave her small town to find a better job; her father's too sick to take care of himself, her younger brother Jake can't stay out of trouble, and her nagging aunt won't stop meddling in their lives. The last thing she needs is a dog to take care of. But when Dad goes behind her back to adopt a pit bull named Cappuccino, she has to admit that the dog is good for the family. Despite the messes he makes, Maggie's fond of the eager-to-please dog. Can Cap keep Maggie sane—and the whole family safe?

Kiwi To My Heart, book six

Leslie Durant doesn't care that she's always giving all of her time and attention to others: it's worth the joy of helping abandoned animals find loving forever homes. But if she can't find a way to bring more money into the struggling shelter, the sacrifices she's made will all be for nothing. Then her brother leaves her with an inheritance, with two stipulations: she must work with her estranged mother to host a successful charity event and find a home for Peter's dog, Kiwi. No matter where Leslie places Kiwi, the nervous cockapoo keeps showing up on her doorstep. With Kiwi by her side, can Leslie save the shelter and face down the demons of her past?

Elise Arsenault, Kristin James, Allyson Johnson
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14 juni
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