Instant Pot Cookbook: The Quick and Easy Instant Pot Recipe Book (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 5,99

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This audiobook is filled with many simple, well-tested comfort-food recipes. This is the ultimate collection of delicious weekday meals. Instant Pots are affordable, easy to use, and wildly popular. These little countertop appliances do the work of half a dozen other devices combined: slow cookers, pressure cookers, steamers, rice cookers, yogurt makers, egg cookers, and sterilizers. The main point of this audiobook is to save you time in the kitchen with an Instant Pot and a bunch of simple, delicious recipes. 

If you want to start a soup in the morning on the slow-cooker function, it will be ready when you get home from work. 

US News did a recent survey where multiple high-profile diets took place to find the most popular and effective dietary program in the market. Unsurprisingly, the freestyle diet was voted as being one of the most effective programs out there to help you trim down excess fat and keep your food intake under control.

Using the cleverly designed Smart Points system, the freestyle program allows an individual not only to trim down the body fat, but also teach you to control and limit your food portions so you don't overeat! The premise here is straightforward! You are assigned a specific amount of weekly Smart Points based on your sex, body weight, target, age, and some different factors.

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In this quick and easy Instant Pot cookbook, you will find fast and healthy Instant Pot recipes to:

How to cook fast and yet still bring forth delicious meals every time!
How you can finally unleash that inner cook in you through the virtues of the Instant Pot
How you can work around your busy work schedule and still have piping-hot meals at the end of the long day
How you can have the choice to cook your own nutritious meals and not always have to rely on eating out

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