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This new book is an introduction for young listeners to the timeless and constant battle waged between good and evil. In this fascinating and humorous tale, Alex Fonteyn shows in a Christian spirit and also in simple terms for children to understand, what is sin and what is virtue. The author has purposely chosen to set the action in a 'once upon a time' frame where time and the location do not really matter.

As a starting point is an old legend from a country, which seems to sit somewhere close to the end of the world: Poland. Yet the characters along with their fiery passions, attachments and moral dilemmas remain surprisingly close to us. Thus, in spite of the exotic and colorful setting, our children will recognize immediately a world which is most familiar to them and will easily understand the meaning of the moral message. They will happily appreciate the value of this book, especially as it bears Arthur Friday's illustrations which are, as always, enchanting and full of fantasy.

Lord Harding and the Flying Roosters is a heart-warming Christian story for children of a nobleman who dabbles with dangerous dark forces! Lord Harding lives in the mythical city of Cracow. He is an educated and clever man, but spends far too much time reveling with his friends, drinking and frittering his time away - much to the consternation of his wife!

He decides that what he wants most of all is to know the secret of life and death, in order to continue his fun-filled, but ultimately empty lifestyle. Locked way in his study, he foolishly tries to conjure up the devil in order that he may learn the secret of life and death.

The tale tells the story of his efforts to outsmart the devil, alternating between living a good moral life and yielding to the temptations laid before him. This is a story as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago in the ancient city of Cracow -- can we really control our own destiny?

Will our noble Lord ...

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