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Do you wish you could just walk to up a beautiful woman and say hello? Are judgment, rejection, and low confidence holding you back? Do you just want to attract the women you want - and go from "hi" to "when are you taking me out"? 

In Magnetic, you will learn the 10 critical elements of getting the women you want, when you want. 

Tripp is one of the world’s top dating coaches and has taught thousands of men around the world how to attract and date the beautiful women they meet every day by becoming their real and authentic selves through Tripp Advice, the most popular dating-advice-for-men channel on YouTube and his top-ranked How to Talk to Girls podcast.

In Magnetic, you’ll learn: 

How to cultivate confidence, eliminate rejection, and make women chase you 
How to create a stylish persona and lifestyle that captivates women
How to stop being the nice guy that always gets stuck in the dreaded friend zone

Magnetic is not a bunch of made-up stories about banging models disguised as an audiobook of dating advice for men, nor is it a load of half-baked scientific sounding theories on how to pick up women with phrases like “approaching the set”, “negging the target”, or “hooking the HB”. This audiobook is for men who don’t want to pretend to be somebody else, use cheesy pickup lines, or spend money trying to impress women.

Magnetic is jam-packed with easy-to-learn real-world advice you can put into action today without memorizing a bunch of lines, rehearsing a script, or raising your status by putting people down. 

After listening to Magnetic, you’ll be able to:

Approach women with confidence
Have fun and engaging conversations
Read her body language for positive signs
Get more dates than you can handle

If you want to start meeting and dating more women immediately, Magnetic will guide you along every step of the way.

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Tripp Kramer
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November 28
Kramer Media Inc.

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