Moon River (Unabridged) Moon River (Unabridged)

Moon River (Unabridged‪)‬

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The second installment of the fascinating Podric Moon story—a follow-up to the ingenious tales of the 17-year-old Podric, a brilliant computer games player travelling back in time via alternate reality: life inside a computer game. 

As well as experiencing all the life-defining teenage 21st-century challenges—girls, exams, and the odd spot—Podric’s studying the American Civil War for his GCSE history.  

With Ultimate Alternative Reality (UAR) now established, after the events of the first book, he decides to take a look into the US Civil War conflict. Podric and his friends find adventure at Shiloh, Bull Run, and Gettysburg. 

After meeting President Lincoln, the action involves helping an African American classmate find safety from the clutches of the Deep South—escaping north from Dixieland via the Underground Railway.  


The Podric Moon series is set to become an iconic best-selling story that will continue to take listeners through unnerving and intriguing events reliving history via virtual reality. As we learn more fascinating details about Podric and his modern 21st-century life, we also relive the American Civil War, JFK's assassination, the first man on the moon, and we even get to travel to ancient Rome to meet Julius Caesar.  

In the Adventures of Podric Moon, Barney Broom transports us back to momentous events in history, reliving them with a completely new perspective, through the eyes of an incredible modern days teenager’s mind. 

It’s an incredible combination of technology of tomorrow with compelling adventures set in the past.  

Barney has been able to fuse the futuristic world of computer games with events in our world history that continue to captivate millions of listeners.  



A compelling listen for older children, teenagers, young adults, and those interested in fantasy, computer games, alternative reality, mystery, fiction, history, travel, science fiction, references, and sciences.  


About Barney Broom

Having worked in the film industry for many years as an award-winning writer/director, Barney Broom has written several published novels, including the hilarious Haute Cuisines and the acclaimed Podric Moon series.  

In 2002-2003, Barney was involved in the Borobudur Ship Expedition, sailing a replica vessel across the Indian Ocean in the wake of eighth-century Indonesian migration to Africa. The documentary produced, entitled Braving the Cape, was sold to Discovery. Barney Broom’s cinematic short Knights Electric labelled as iconic by the BFI, whereas documentaries include One of Our Mines Is Missing (History Channel, Great War tunneling).  

He is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and Member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain.  

Barney’s books cover a wide range of novels spanning key events in history, as well as tackling fictional themes in a hilarious way.  

His first novel, Haute Cuisine, has been critically acclaimed.  

Barney spent his career travelling the world, and now resides in Norfolk with the love of his life, Nellie (his dog)…and his wife, Seana!

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