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Do you want to earn profit with trading but you don't know how? Have you tried trading yet but didn't have the right strategies? Keep reading...

Many investors are struck with fear at the mere mention of options trading. This is the kind of brainwashing that we constantly receive from financial experts (who don’t want you intruding on their secret games) and from friends, family, and media, who have left us conditioned so that we are too risk-averse. The fact is if you understand the markets, options trading is not nearly as dangerous as it's made out to be. Moreover, it's far more exciting and interesting than taking the completely safe and boring path, investing in mutual funds or just letting the money sit inside your 401k.

You need to know about options, as it's a book that scratches the surface, you have enough foundational knowledge to begin your foray into the world of options trading. You will approach your trading activities sensibly. This means that while you’re going to be more willing to assume risk than someone locked into mutual funds, or simply buying and holding stocks from the stock market, that you will still take a reasonable and conservative approach to trade. As a new trader, you should start slowly, focusing on one type of trade and growing as they gain experience and confidence. Then keep repeating the process until you’ve achieved mastery. As you gain experience and first profit, then you’ll be able to move on to more ambitious and larger profits.

This audiobook covers the following:

Writing options and earned income
Creating your own day trading strategy
Candlestick common patterns
Top day trading tools
Simple strategies to use with options trading
When to enter and exit the trade
The basics of trading psychology
Risks and also the greek lingo
Avoiding common pitfalls in options trading
And more!

Options Trading Strategies is full of simple strategies that you can start using immediately, and provide you a lot of tips and tricks that help your trading organization. And even if you don't know anything about money management this audiobook explains you also how to take conscious risks.

The first time that you start seeing profits rolling in from your options trading, you’ll feel a tinge of excitement that, let’s be honest, few people experience these days. Remember to review not only the best techniques used but go over the beginner's mistakes so that you’ll reduce the chances that you’ll be the person making them.

Do you want to know everything and start trading immediately?

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29 november
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