Rachel Weiss's Group Chat Rachel Weiss's Group Chat

Rachel Weiss's Group Chat

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    • Vooruitbestelling
    • € 20,99

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Opposites attract in this hilariously cheeky, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy about feeling stuck, the importance of friendship, and learning to open your heart.

The year is already off to a bad start. It’s not enough that Rachel Weiss is stuck in a job she despises and has an unfortunate attraction to men who disappoint her. It’s the Year of Turning Thirty . . . and now her mother won’t stop trying to set up Rachel with the millionaire buying the house next door.

Luckily Rachel has amazing friends and their juicy group chat to keep her going. But amid work-mandated therapy, her thirteen gray hairs, and biking in the buff, she can’t help wondering why she isn’t moving forward like everyone else.

As Rachel’s life—and circle of friends—begins to fall apart, she confides in the last person she expects. The uptight, irritating—yet surprisingly funny and thoughtful—tech bro next door may be the one person who sees Rachel for the woman she wants to be. After random DMs turn into confessing letters, she begins to realize perhaps it was she who had him wrong all along.

Romantische fictie
Dara Rosenberg
24 september
Hachette Audio