The Muse (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • € 15,99

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A gorgeous stand-alone forbidden romance with magical elements! 

Fall in love with The Muse, a sweeping romance set in a modern-day Paris that's full of magic, art, mysteries, and passion from number one NYT best seller Lauren Blakely, performed by Shane East!

The first time a woman stepped out of a painting, I thought I was seeing things. The second time, I thought I was going mad. The night she emerged from a Renoir, I felt something else entirely - a deep stirring of desire, and the wish to get to know the brilliant beauty who's been trapped inside a painted garden for years.

She can only come out at night in the Musée d'Orsay, where I work. There, after hours, we wander through galleries, with the Van Goghs, the Monets, and the Toulouse Lautrecs the only witnesses to our midnight kisses and, soon, our trysts. She opens her heart to me, and I learn her story. But she keeps secrets, too - ones I hope to unravel. Why she was trapped. Why Renoir is hunting her. And why artwork in famous museums across the world are starting to disintegrate. Why I, too, seem to be the only person who can repair the masterpieces.

As I fall deeper for the woman who's trapped in a museum, I'm caught up in another side of Paris after dark - one inhabited by forgers, ghosts of famous artists and, impossibly, by muses. But someone is after the woman I'm falling in love with, and it's up to me to save her, even if it means losing everything I've found with her....

With an epilogue performed by Siiri Scott.

Romantische fictie
Shane East, Siiri Scott - epilogue
u. min.
19 maart
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