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Everything you need to know about Tai Chi, including how to find a class...what happens in a class...how long it takes to learn...the difference between the styles and a unique history of the art in China and its travels to the West. See below for a complete list of the 50 Questions that the book answers. This fascinating audio version of the book is full of insights, anecdotes, facts and humour about the world of Tai Chi. The Question and Answer format makes it easy to digest, so you will not only understand this ancient and noble art, but more importantly, feel empowered to choose the class of Tai Chi that is right for you. 

Written and narrated by Paul Read (the teapotmonk), he is an author, podcaster and on-line Instructor with over 25 years experience of teaching Tai Chi in both the UK and Spain. He conveys the essence of Tai Chi in a delightful, entertaining and easily understandable way. 

Below is a complete list of the 50 Questions that appear in the book: 

Q1. Why learn Tai Chi?

Q2. What happens in a Tai Chi Class?

Q3. What does 'Yielding', 'Sticking' and 'Rooting' mean?

Q4. What does 'Tai Chi Chuan' mean?

Q5. What's the difference between Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan and T’ai Chi Ch’uan?

Q6. What about Tai Ji Quan and Tai Chi?

Q7. Will I have to wear a Chinese Silk Uniform if I join a Class?

Q8. Will I have to wear those Little Flat Black Shoes?

Q9. Where did it all begin?

Q10. Can you give me a more straightforward version?

Q11. How did Tai Chi arrive in the West?

Q12. What are the main Styles of Tai Chi?

Q13. How are the schools different from one another?

Q14. Which Style would be better to learn?

Q15. Is it important to learn Tai Chi from a Chinese Practitioner?

Q16. What is the Form?

Q17. What is the best way to learn the Form?

Q18. How long does the Form take to learn?

Q19. Are there different Forms?

Q20. Why bother with a Long Form when you can learn the Short Form?

Q21. Why should I practice in public?

Q22. Is Tai Chi a Martial Art?

Q23. Do I need to learn a Weapon too?

Q24. But are Swords not expensive?

Q25. What if I have no interest in competing or the martial applications?

Q26. So what are the other applications of Tai Chi, if not martial?

Q27. Will Tai Chi help my Toothache go away?

Q28. Can you not say specifically how Tai Chi will improve my physical health?

Q29. What about my 96 year-old Aunt? She says she want to learn too?

Q30. What about my two-year-old Niece, is there an optimal age to start learning Tai Chi?

Q31. I have heard it said that Tai Chi is a Form of “Moving Meditation”. What does this mean?

Q32. Why do my Knees Ache after practice?

Q33. What is Ch'i Energy?

Q34. Where is this Ch'i?

Q35. Is it the same as the energy channels my Acupuncturist talks about?

Q36: What is Chi Gung?

Q37. What has Philosophy to do with Tai Chi?

Q38. Should I 'Be like Water my Friend'?

Q39. Wu Who?

Q40. Why would I want to do with Less?

Q41. Where does the Yin Yang Symbol fit into all of this?

Q42. What is the Book of Changes about?

Q43. What about the other classic book, The Tao Te Ching?

Q44. Can you learn Tai Chi from a DVD?

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