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How much does our lack of understanding hinder us from achieving the success we truly want in life? We all have parts of our lives that we don't understand. We look at our jobs, spouses, and endeavors and just can't quite figure out why something feels like it's missing. Instead of seeking the understanding, we suppress the confusion and go on living our lives.

God doesn't want us to live in doubt. He wants us to live in success. But, in order to receive the success He has for us, we have to understand Him and our lives from His perspective.

The groundbreaking work presented in Understanding shines a brilliant new light on how to attract remarkable results into every area of life. The prosperity of our money, our love life, and our personal goals all lie within our ability to understand those areas of our lives. Each level of success in life is framed according to how much an individual understands that subject matter.

The higher we climb the ladder of success, the more we prove that we understand on a greater level. Now, what if we could apply that same method toward every area of life? We can! All we have to do is have the understanding! In that understanding, we can begin to see our personal and professional life flourish. Best of all, we can have the peace of mind that comes with no longer suppressing doubt or confusion.

We can finally be able to find joy instead of settling for simple satisfaction and contentment. Understanding is not just about a proven method of success. It's also about growth in God, because our spiritual growth lays the foundation for our movement toward success! God doesn't want to see us struggle anymore than we do. There's so much He has for us, but He can only give us what we have the understanding for.

Why would He give a million dollars to someone who can't manage one thousand? When we get God's understanding, we receive all the blessings that are attached to it.

Religie en spiritualiteit
Shane Wall
u. min.
22 september
Godly Writes Publishing

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