Windchill: The Last Guardian of the Multiverse, Episode 2: The Vampire General’s Tower of Darkness (Unabridged‪)‬

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This episodic story continues with Windchill awakening from his short-lived slumber, and it is now morning time. Windchill has managed to remain undetected by the vampire guards patrolling the metallic round tower of darkness. Windchill remains hidden from their sight by lurking in one of the upper branches on a 300-foot tree at the end of the dark forest of death. Windchill has recuperated half of his energy after sleeping for six hours on a branch on the tree and was awakened by the blaring sound of the expanding black gravity energy ball that continues to engulf all weaker life forms in the dark forest of death that cannot resist its deadly gravitation bind.

Windchill knows that these vampire guards are sadistic workers of iniquity and will not allow him to live if they detect him alive. The vampire guards are donning golden armor and are equipped with long spears that can easy impale through his lightweight chainmail armor comprised of dense dragon scales that augment his defensive capabilities. The vampire guards stand six and a half inches feet tall and have long wings, which makes them easy targets for smaller attacks to land against them. Windchill stands up on the tree branch and raises both of his hands upward and prepares two decimation energy discs, which are red energy discs that are sharp enough to cut through anything.

Windchill hopes that these decimation energy discs can penetrate through the heavily fortified golden armor of the vampire guards. If he were to engage them in direct combat, then he would be at a disadvantage since Windchill cannot afford to be impaled by their elongated sharp spears. Windchill is ready to blindside them from a high vantage point and swiftly hurls both of the decimation energy discs toward the vampire guards. The vampire guards notice his decimation energy discs diagonally descending toward them and narrowly manage to evade the decimation discs. The decimation discs penetrate through the tower of darkness that the vampire guards are guarding. The vampire guards start to ascend and flying toward Windchill. One of the vampire guards hurls his spear at Windchill, and Windchill narrowly dodges it. Windchill forms hand signs and cloaks the battlefield in a veil of pitch darkness. Windchill jumps down from the tree branch and is hidden behind a nearby tree. Even with their keen senses, the vampire guards cannot detect him nearby, since he knows how to conceal his energy.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
James Martorana
u. min.
12 november
Dr. Harrison Sachs