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The ongoing pursuit of excellence in service delivery by La Trobe University Library (LTU) is monitored partly by periodic client satisfaction surveys. (1) These surveys are justified as being rewarding when the library gets it right, as well as a safety net when problems are exposed. Obviously, when problems are exposed this way, it is too late. Therefore, specialised library surveys which measure specific performance indicators are emerging. (2) Such surveys could signal potential problems well before they are even noticed by clients. This paper describes an attempt at designing and conducting such a survey, the rationale underpinning it, and the quality of service (QoS) metrics that were used in the specific area of online personal computer (PC) usage at the Bundoora campus library of the La Trobe University, Victoria. A report (3) which described this survey in detail was submitted to the Client Services Committee of the above campus in February 2006 and is available on request from the author. The major objectives of this survey were to determine the time clients spend waiting to access PCs in the library, as well as any other relevant parameters of QoS in this specific area. This was intended to extend previous survey results beyond simply comparing queue lengths and client dissatisfaction levels. Thus, it was hoped to get an insight into how QoS parameters could be used to further the library's goal of pursuing service delivery excellence. Specifically, if those factors which are pertinent to QoS could be identified and measured, then it may be possible to develop a suitable model of the online PC usage. Such a model would be suitable if it not only led to a practical method of tracking QoS in a timely manner, but also permitted the library to maximise QoS and hence minimise client dissatisfaction. Another objective was to measure the effect that the recent addition of 24 PCs had on the overall usage of PCs. In particular, it was expected that queue lengths would decrease because of the extra PCs, especially since there was actually a slight decrease in the total number of clients at the campus in 2005.

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