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The Third in the African American Urban Romance Series featuring African American Couples

Rafael and Akilah Part 3 of 3

I've always had some bitterness that it was me that had to go through what I did. And part of me argues it was probably just cosmic luck of the draw. But another part of me has always wanted to find some meaning in my violent past, something to show that whoever or whatever may or may not be in charge of the universe wasn't just messing with me.

After a tumultuous first few years together, Rafael's relationship with Akilah is finally stable. They're both only months from graduation, Akilah's getting ready for law school, and Rafael… He's really not sure what he wants to do with the rest of his life. But he'll figure it out.

Then an old sex video of Rafael ends up online for the world to see and there goes stability.

With his silence doing more damage than the actual video, and his reputation and professional future on the line, Rafael decides the best way to undo the damage is to be completely truthful about the traumatic and violent past he's tried to keep hidden.

He expected some backlash from his decision not to be the silent victim anymore. What he didn't expect was Akilah's own hidden past and damning indiscretions to be exposed and used against her. Nor did he expect it to go viral.

Now Rafael has to decide if defending himself is worth the cost of Akilah's future and, possibly, their relationship or if he should just close his mouth and hope everything blows over. But it might be too late to stop. And even if it wasn't, Rafael's not sure he wants to.

Either way, he hopes Akilah will forgive him.

Fictie en literatuur
27 februari
B. Hollidae

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