Anal Sex 40-Pack

Tori Westwood en andere
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The 'Anal Sex 40-Pack' contains 40 sinful stories of anal pleasure.  Be it threesomes, age-gap fantasies, strangers, dirty debutants, double doses or sultry MILFS, the women in these stories have one thing in common : they love taking it in the tiniest, tightest hole of all.

If you like backdoor fantasies, then this collection is for you!  Contains books 1-4 of the 'Anal Anal' 10-pack collections.

Warning : This book contains explicit sexual content.  Strictly Adults Only!

Stories Included :

1. My Lodger Gives My Butt A Workout

2. Last Call For My Butt

3. Paint My Butt With Your Love

4. Double-Teamed in the Factory

5. Him And His Friend Inside Me Together

6. Seduced By My Friend And His Friend

7. Full Body Search

8. Elevator Threesome With The Girl Nextdoor

9. Hard Wood

10. A Slave To His Mistress

11. My Lodger Is A Peeping Tom – I Want Him in My Butt

12. Harboring His Length In My Butt

13. So Dirty I Have To Show Him How To Shower

14. Two Man Double-Teamed

15. Taken By My Director & My Co-Star

16. My Doctor And His Anal Assistant

17. Personally Trained To Take Him In My Ass

18. Joining My Husband With The Hot Female Chauffeur

19. Hot Spring Butt Sex

20. First Time Anal With My Lodger

21. My Assistant's Bun in My Back Oven

22. New Balls Please

23. Fix My Computer Honey – And Then Take My Butt

24. Plumb The Depths Of My Butt

25. Empty Your Christmas Cheer In My Butt

26. They're moving In To My Butt

27. Arousal Airways

28. A French Maid For Me And My Husband

29. Anal For His Birthday

30. Sex In My Boss's Garage

31. His MC Gang Initiation Was To Take My Ass

32. Massaged Inside Me

33. My Soapy Butt For My Lodger

34. Put It In My Ass This Instant

35. Surprising My Husband In The Tub

36. My Husband With A Hot Hitchhiker

37. Another Woman In My Bed

38. Watching My Husband With The Girl From The Pool

39. Head Chef In My Virgin Butt

40. Mocha Choca Anal Latte

Fictie en literatuur
19 juli
Taboo Inc.

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