Angel Magic for the Apprentice Wizard

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Angel Magic for the Apprentice Wizard is an occult book that teaches the secret magical art of angel magic. Angel magic is a powerful and complete occult system that can surely satisfy your magical and spiritual needs and desires. It is also a deep spiritual journey that can transform the psyche of a mere mortal human into that of an angel. Indeed, if you take the teachings and practices in this book into your heart and apply them in your everyday life, you will see and experience a significant transformation from within. 

Angel Magic for the Apprentice Wizard reveals secret practices that were once taught only to selected practitioners of the craft of magic. On this journey, the secrets of holy and divine magic shall be revealed to you as the wonders of magic shall unveil itself right before you. It should be noted that only those who have a good heart and kind intentions should take this kind of magic. If there is so much evil within you, you are advised to never touch even a single letter of this holy book, for the teachings herein are reserved only for those who deserve to discover the greatness and divine mysteries of the magic of the angels. 

Angel magic is not new. It is believed that it has long been in existence, even before the time of humanity. Based on spiritual history, there were fallen angels who came to Earth and taught magic to humans. In fact, it is even believed that some of these angels had human wives and even had the children of the Earth to bear children -- half human and half angel. This story is revealed in the Book of Enoch. The magic that was taught to the humans is what we now call angel magic. Through this magic, a mere mortal may become just like an angel. There are some wizards who believe that through angel magic, it is even possible for a human being to completely turn into an angel. 

This book paves a way for you to be given a choice to see and experience for yourself the power and beauty of angel magic. It is a life-changing kind of magic, and the good news is that it mainly involves personal experience. As you can see, whether you are a beginner or someone who claims to be quite versed in the practice of magic, there is something wonderful that you can find in the pages of this occult book. Just be sure to use whatever knowledge you learn from this book only for good and good alone. May you always be blessed with eternal, divine, and most holy magic. 

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18 april

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