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DEA agent Domino Petracelli is chasing a career-making promotion and nothing will keep her from getting her man. Okay, so she’d rather infiltrate a Columbian drug cartel than go undercover as a dominatrix at Washington, D.C.’s Xecutive Branch sex club. But she’s up to the task. As the leather-clad Mistress Bella, Domino investigates the club’s drug ring while juggling a surreal roster of kinky submissives—and resisting one sexy client who’s not what he seems.

Police detective Dalton Cutter is a man with a mission—avenging his partner, who was murdered investigating the Xecutive Branch. Retracing his partner’s steps, he goes undercover as a club client. Dalton’s handled killers, junkies and pimps, but can the Alpha-male cop act submissive long enough to fool Mistress Bella? And will their sexual chemistry, crackling louder than Bella’s whip, derail Dalton’s investigation?

This R-rated romantic suspense pokes fun at the alphabet soup of Washington, D.C. law enforcement agencies, famous for their lack of interdepartmental cooperation. Imagine what could happen if several agencies unknowingly put operatives undercover at the same location. Let the sparks fly!


At Her Command was a fun, sexy, and thoroughly entertaining read! Marcia James writes characters that draw you in and have you rooting for them from the start. At Her Command was plain and simply fun and Marcia James is definitely going on my must read list!!” -- Joyfully Reviewed

“An intriguing look at the world of S&M, integrated with an interesting plot and two romances. The informative…S&M scenes are handled with class.” -- 4 Stars, RT Book Reviews

“Marcia James pens an intriguing plot weaved with humor, suspense and extremely hot passion. I was laughing one minute at the sexy banter, then reaching for the fan from the sizzling scenes and crying when two people who belong together try to discover their path to each other.” -- Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5; Romance Junkies

“Ms. James does a fine job of threading heavy elements of humor throughout her story. Domino and Dalton are a well-matched duo and a full cast of characters – not the least of which is “Smokey”, the DEA’s Chinese Crested, drug-sniffing dog – help to make this a sincerely delightful read. At Her Command is sure to appeal to a large readership.” -- 5 Angels, Fallen Angel Reviews

“Ms. James has written a great book full of action, suspense and really erotic love scenes.” -- 4 ½ Hearts, The Romance Studio

“This is a romantic suspense that is written with a wry comedic slant. The submissive clients are a hoot. We have two different agencies that haven't a clue they're in each other's stakeouts. It makes for very interesting dynamics, especially when the volatile chemistry between Dominique and Dalton is flipped 180 degrees from their actual tendencies. At Her Command is a very entertaining read.” -- Novelspot

AT HER COMMAND is a wonderful romantic suspense that leads you into the kinky world of a sex club. This is one book you don’t want to miss.” -- Rating: 4, The Romance Readers Connection

AT HER COMMAND is an easy to recommend book…a hilarious and marvelous book full of action, suspense and racy love scenes.” -- Sensuality & Realism Ratings: 10, Erotica Romance Writers

“This book starts off with a sex club and drugs, with murder and mistaken identities thrown in…a fun book.” -- 4 Cups, Coffee Time Romance

AT HER COMMAND is an enjoyable story to escape into on a chilly autumn night. The characters and plot are engaging, with enough action, romance, and humor to stimulate any interested reader. Smokey, the Chinese Crested DEA drug dog, is a hilarious scene-stealer.” -- Romance Reviews Today

“The Chinese Crested dog (think bald Chihuahua with a really bad fizzy wig) named Smokey…is a unique character. There’s something original about AT HER COMMAND. An entirely new blend of romance and police genres.”-- Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine

“Bad day? Escape into Marcia James’ racy, riveting At Her Command. James has the readers wrapped around her little finger and eager to devour every single word…(and) readers willing to explore Marcia James’ lusty, steamy thriller will find themselves…um…satisfied.” -- Tampa Book Buzz

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21 augustus
Marcia James

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