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Fear the chosen champion of the Chaos Gods!

The champions of the Ruinous Powers are powerful indeed, but all pale in comparison to one: Archaon, Exalted Grand Marshal of the Apocalypse. Riding his roaring daemonic steed Dorghar, he utterly dominates all who oppose him using the combined strength of the Dark Gods; at the command of his will, the forces of Chaos are united and sent out as a vast, swarming army to rend and destroy. The Varanguard, dread champions of darkness, ride out in a tide of crushing iron, annihilating their master’s enemies.

This book contains:

– the incredible, compelling story of Archaon’s rise and triumph, with in-depth information on the Varanguard

– three brand-new battleplans, inspired by some of Archaon’s greatest battles, presenting new and inspiring ways to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar that any army can use

– stunning photography of beautifully painted miniatures

– six warscroll battalions, covering Archaon’s chosen and his favoured mortal warbands of Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch and Slaanesh

– comprehensive information on uniforms, markings and colour schemes for every featured miniature, and guides to assembling lesser Chaos warbands sworn to Archaon’s service

This edition is designed for your tablet. The layout, text and images are optimised to provide an outstanding eBook experience and make it as easy as possible for you to navigate and enjoy the book. If you are using an iPhone, we recommend the Mobile Edition, or the Enhanced Edition for the best experience.

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12 december
Games Workshop

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