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This guide for FIFA 16 is going to include everything that you are going to need for effective gameplay without any problems. The text starts with the descriptions of controls, divided into individual game elements, with respect to the individual ports that the game is going to be released for. Apart from that, this guide is going to include a number of hints concerning the gameplay itself - how to move around the pitch, how to play actions and shoot at the goal, or how to play an effective defensive game. Also, you can find information for veterans here - the more demanding techniques or tricks that can be performed with the ball. Additionally, you will find here hints on all of the game modes in the game, both single player and multiplayer, against real-life opponents. This guide is going be to topped up with a list of all the trophies/achievements available in the game, including hints on how to obtain them. FIFA 16 is the next installment in a popular series football simulators, designed by the Canadian-based division of the EA Studios. Just like every year, the game introduces a number of facilitations connected with the game. A novelty in the series (and in the games of this type in general) is the introduction of women's national teams that are now playable. 

This guide includes:

- Button mapping and full controls, both for the PC version and console versions;

- Descriptions of all the basic techniques and tactics;

- Presentation of the Career Mode;

- Descriptions of all the available tricks and celebrations;

- Tips on completion of Team Games ;

- Presentation of the Team Management mode;

- Tips on FIFA Ultimate Team online play and Online Tournaments.

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