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Mark and Kat are at it again!

When Dr. Paul Kowalski asks if the couple are ready to try for another baby (or two,) Mark assumes that Kat will once again be breeding with a donor male. He's just fine with that. It may take some getting used to, but there are definitely benefits to doing artificial insemination "the old fashioned way."

But when he arrives at the center, Paul gives Mark the chance to actually become a snow leopard Shifter himself, fully capable of impregnating his wife on his own.

Will Mark go through with it and become the breeder?

WARNING: This 9,500 word story is intended for adult audiences only due to explicit descriptions of a number of sexual acts including but not limited to fellatio, cunnilingus, wild animalistic boinking and impregnation.


I stopped to appreciate the enormity of the moment, but it was difficult to sit back and revel in the thrill of scientific discovery when you can't keep your back end facing the same direction as your front. I opened my mouth to tell him that it was time to focus on getting me back to my human shape but a series of growls and strange meows came out. I scowled at him which made him laugh again and gesture.

"You want to Shift back? Coming back should be easy. Just... think two legs. Your body is used to being in your human form. It will be much easier for you to get back than it is to assume your feral form." I was skeptical, but I closed my strange new eyes and tried to think of being myself. When I opened them I was human. Paul was right. I didn't feel the terrible sense of physical disorientation that I had when I Shifted into my new feral form. It was easy.

That is until I looked down and saw my clothing in a crumpled heap on the floor. Paul was smiling slightly as I hurried to cover myself up.

"I guess you've seen me in worse," I said, thinking back on how he and the other scientists observed the threesome my wife and I had with the donor male as we conceived our twins.

"Nudity isn't really a big deal in most Shifter communities," Paul said, calmly gathering my clothing, shaking them out and handing them to me. "I think you can see why." I nodded and hopped on one foot as I tried to get back into my jeans.

"Will it be this hard getting into the mating form?" I asked. The first Shift was very disorienting and I was a little afraid of being able to perform if I were launched into another gut wrenching experience like that.

"Well now, I'm a european wolf Shifter. We don't have a partial shift as part of our mating cycle, so I can't tell you from personal experience. I have been told that it is... well... I've been told that at the time you don't even notice. Your mind will be on other things."

A picture of my wife in her mating form popped into my mind. I saw her writhing and growling ferally as I approached her, a powerful male Shifter fully capable of filling her with a fertile juices. The wave of arousal that slammed into me was overwhelming. I felt my boner growing instantly and I started to pant slightly with growing lust.

"Woah!" Paul said, holding up his hand and backing up a few feet. "Hold on, Mark! Not too soon!" I blinked and looked at my hand where long, graceful claws grew from my fingertips. The mere thought of my wife was enough to bring on the mating shift. I gulped and tried to think unsexy thoughts, but images of Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold day could do very little to combat the incredible hotness of the knowledge that my wife and I would soon be fucking like wild animals. Dimly, I was aware of Paul on the intercom communicating with someone. He said something about needing to get the subjects together in the habitat immediately. Subjects. That was me. Together with my wife. Yes. I wanted that very much. I began to pant harder. Paul put a hand on my back gingerly, guiding me toward the door.

"Come on, Mark," he said soothingly. "Time to go find Kat."

Fictie en literatuur
2 september
Andi Binks

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