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I Am

Have you ever felt you are meant for some great purpose?
That perhaps no one can see what you are truly worth?
I am not talking about money or talents or cutting the grade.
Being able to change your future through the past.
Greatly affecting the past to where you will be remembered.

I have thoughts that make me believe I am truly different.
My bequest, to search for magical powers and special talents.
What I do with myself in a dream will affect my future.
Faced with making my own reality by growing from my past
I must protect, value, and preserve something most precious.

How do I know this?
In the way they look at me, even how they do not look at me.
I read their eyes, knowing they rely on me to make the cut.
That final cut for the play.
That last chess move checkmate.
That final step across home plate, the winning score.

I look into the guardian eyes; I must not back down.
My purpose is much greater than life itself. I am.

In the dimension between a dream world and reality there is magic that can only be learned by those predestined. Special powers given at birth come with a price, stronger and more powerful than any human can handle on their own. There is a test for each power, but unknown to each individual, they must earn that gift and share it unselfishly with others, instead of losing it to greater powers. To the human eye, these powers are hidden, to those trained in the arts, no power goes unnoticed. Elise is of age to earn her special powers, ones that she is unaware she holds. Obstacles come into her path. Who can she trust? Will she be able to stop the evil following her and fulfill her prophecy?

Sciencefiction en fantasy
9 december
Balboa Press