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In an effort to learn more about the human world and its people, Luka comes to small town Aves, North Carolina. He expected to make his investigation quick and return to the simple life he loves with the snowy owl shifters. What he finds is his mate, a human woman who is unlike any he has ever seen before. While Luka has seen his brothers fall to the aching need for their mate, he has never experienced it. Nichelle Raine steals his will and commands his heart by just existing. There's nothing Luka wants more than to please her in every way a man can for his woman. He will do whatever it takes to win her, even bowing down to the ways of her kind.

Nichelle has made the worst choices in her life, bad because she never wanted to become a cop like her dad. Other than protecting people, she hates everything her job as chief of police stands for. On top of that, she has her niece to raise, a rebellious nine-year-old who dreams of the day her mother will return to claim her. Then Luka enters Nichelle's life, and everything changes. Luka is so ignorant of simple things that people take for granted, and he's definitely not on the same level as her lawyer ex, but there's just something about the man who sweeps in and makes her feel safe to be herself. 

Romantische fictie
July 17
Tressie Lockwood

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