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Cassandra Bishop’s boyfriend is back. And this time, it’s war.

Hardcore tomboy Cass had thought she’d seen the last of her miserable excuse for an ex when he left her at the altar. But he’s come back to their hometown, new “perfect” fiancee in tow, determined to show the world Cass was never woman enough for him. Never one to turn away from a fight, Cass is willing to do whatever it takes to prove to everyone—including herself—that she’s more woman than they can handle. The only problem…she has no idea where to start!

Burke Hallifax’s worst nightmare has somehow come true. His best friend wants him to see her as a real female, something Burke has spent a lifetime specifically avoiding. On the other hand, he’s also spent years getting rid of the no-good, worthless, faithless waste of space that was her high school sweetheart. The last thing he’s willing to do is watch Cass turn herself inside out again for a jerk who wasn’t worth her spit, which means going all-in to help Cass win her bet, even if it means seeing her in a whole new light. Anything to keep her from falling back in love with the wrong guy…

Now the entire town is betting as well—on whether Burke and Cass can pull off the makeover of the century…without falling in love.

Book One of A Rancho del Cielo Romance, Series Two—now with a brand new epilogue!

Romantische fictie
6 april
Dee Tenorio

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