Big Fat Negative Big Fat Negative

Big Fat Negative

The Essential Guide to Infertility, IVF and the Trials of Trying for a Baby

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'This book is totally brilliant - informative, sensitive, funny and wise. Reading it is like talking to a fairy godmother who also happens to be a gynaecologist and expert on all things fertility' Sophia Money-Coutts

Big Fat Negative (BFN) - a term commonly used on internet forums to refer to a negative pregnancy test.

Infertility can be a lonely journey. One in every six couples will struggle to conceive but, despite this, many don't feel comfortable talking openly about their experiences and sharing what they are going through. As a result, they feel isolated and alone.

It doesn't have to be this way. By talking, laughing and shouting about our experiences we can start to lift the cloak of shame that so often engulfs those going through it. Big Fat Negative does just that. This no-nonsense, honest guide to infertility from the hosts of the Big Fat Negative podcast smashes the taboo around this isolating and heartbreaking illness, offering first-hand experience, an understanding voice when friends don't get it, expert advice, reassurance for when you feel alone and - most importantly - humour when it you need it the most.

Using first-hand accounts of the various hurdles of infertility, from work to diagnoses and IVF, coupled with advice from leading experts, Big Fat Negative will hold your hand on the not-so simple journey to motherhood - helping you to face and defeat the trials of trying for a baby.

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