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Three sexy short reads to tempt your senses!
The Sons of Sin Short Stories is a collection with an international cast of beautiful people, stunning locations, dark storylines, and hot, hot sensual romance!

1 - Taylor's Tryst: A Dirty Little Secret Extra

Some may call it stalking; I called it lining up the woman I would tame next.

Little Taylor Swenson made me hot in ways no one ever had.

Taking slaves had been my way for years.

Taylor wouldn't be taken as one, and I could see that from the start.

Secrets and lies were a necessity for me.

Could I make her my last secret? Could I bind her to me? Could I silence her, using only my body and special talents?

2 - Taking Cher: The Virgin's Baby Extra

The way her dark hair hung in limp, damp strands around her expressionless face lured me to a place I'd tried to stay away from …

Being a new hire from Boston Arts Academy, I found myself in Lubbock, Texas, working as the newest professor of Ancient Arts at Texas Tech.

I wanted to leave my old life behind. Way behind.

Trouble had a way of finding me, but I thought a place as big as Texas would hide me well enough.

Until she walked into my classroom, rain-soaked, shaking with the cold, and utterly clueless to the predator who would lead her down a path of absolute destruction.

Or that's how I thought at the time.

Could she be the one woman on Earth who could tame the beast who resided within me?

3 - Valerie's Revenge: His Secret Virgin Extra

A girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do …

He walked into the classroom and every girl's eyes went to him.

Tall, sexy, muscles that just wouldn't quit.

When the girl who sat next to me called dibs, I laughed.

When she glared at me, I thought twice about what I'd done.

When she forced herself on the new guy, I thought I'd better get him out of her nasty-ass clutches before he got something uncurable from her.

Love wasn't a thing I'd even contemplated, but sometimes things happen that you never see coming.

Romantische fictie
7 oktober
Michelle Love

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