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He had fled a small town and small minded people who criticized him for being chubby and for being gay. He was loving his new life at the supportive environment of his university. Away from his mother’s constant nagging him to lose weight he was enjoying campus food and parties so much after only a few weeks his clothes were already getting tight. His gut was making a welcome comeback. But this Freshman has limited experience and much of it is directly from kink sites on the Internet. He knows his kink. He’s been drawn to fat guys as long as he’s realized he was attracted to men. He wants to be a fat man himself.

A fated encounter with a ball-bellied Leather Daddy is about to introduce him to what life is like away from his laptop as an actual gainer introduces him to life as a fat Piggy. (An Adults Only Story of steamy gay gainer action featuring characters who are all over the age of eighteen)


My ride pulled up in a cloud of steam. I got on to a nearly empty cabin and I sat heavily on the hard seat. I was more than a little drunk but fully functional. I looked up and into the eyes of an older guy. I couldn’t really place his ethnicity other than knowing he would make Hitler cry. Hardly Aryan but to my eyes this hot leather daddy was looking definitely like a different type of Master Race. His skin was darker than the coffee I enjoyed each morning but his hair was straight and his nose was as narrow as mine.

He moved away from his original seat and came towards me, his ball belly in front of him. I was struck dumb by his combination of gut and his interest in me. I felt frozen with a mixture of fear and desire. He was wearing a leather trench coat he was unbuttoning to display his furry naked torso covered by a leather harness and the soft looking fur carpeting his chest and magnificent gut. My eyes were magnets that were fastened on to his deep navel. I balled my hands into fists because I wanted so badly to touch his belly. Nothing felt real—maybe it was the beer but I was just a kid from a tiny town in rural Bavaria. It felt as if I had just wandered into a porn video. This didn’t happen to people like me. I blinked and stared back into his dark eyes. He looked hungry. I felt like a cupcake. He sat down next to me, his ball belly spilled over his lap.  His full and massive moobs sat on top of his gut. I wished my hands could touch it.

“You look like you need to eat something,” he said. No greeting, no introductions. His accent was odd. I wondered if he were Dutch. The Dutch spent a lot of their history colonizing other places and that resulted in some interesting ethnic mixes. His voice was deep and as I watched, he reached out his thick fingered hand and placed it lightly on my own belly. His hand felt warm and strong. I wanted so much to touch his. “Come with me and let me fill you up,” he whispered. There was a slight odor of cigarettes on his breath. I sighed and nodded my head. I was sober enough to wonder if I would have agreed so quickly if I weren’t drunk.

Fictie en literatuur
15 februari
Fifty Shades Pinker Press

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