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One sexy seaman. One lonely woman. One weekend of summer heat.

Months without contact and no way of reaching one another. Will their hearts survive the aftermath of their brief, naughty collision?

Tara Lynne always played by the rules. Until she met the Navy submariner on leave, suffering from a broken heart.

Stranded in Southern California, she has a boyfriend back home. She doesn't so much lose him as ditch him when he stands her up for the umpteenth time. Hurt and pissed off, Tara finds what she didn't know she both wants and needs in the sexy, mysterious Navy seaman she nicknames 'Adonis.'

Zack Brannon thought he had life figured out. Until his fiancée gave him the boot. Now, all he can look forward to is life in a tin can under the sea--until he meets the woman he calls Aphrodite. With time on his hands and wicked fantasies in his mind, he sets out to have some fun—as long as Aphrodite plays by the rules—his naughty rules.

An unexpected whirlwind weekend of lessons and lust leave Tara renewed in spirit but alone. Her Adonis must set sail, and keeping to their agreed rules of no names or numbers, he effectively disappears from her life, leaving a bigger hole in her heart than she realized.

What Tara finds on returning home is that her deadbeat boyfriend has developed a nasty streak, and his jealous, possessive temper is the last thing she needs. Without any way of reaching her Adonis and the situation at home becoming dicier by the day, Tara is left with no choice but to accept help from the last man in the world she wants to trust…

The Point of Contact series, by USA Today best-selling author Calinda B, is a set of steamy stories about finding the courage to go after what we want and the wisdom to accept what we need.

Books included in this set:

Blurred Lines: A 3-part military romance. Book 1 in the Point of Contact Series. Winner in the Romance Reviews Readers Choice Awards, 2016, in Erotic Romance - New Adult

Sassy Aphrodite and her Sweet, Dirty MouthBook 2 in the Point of Contact Series

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28 februari
Calinda B

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