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3 stories of alien tentacle erotica.

Angie has discovered a curious plant on a distant alien world - a vine that brings pleasure to any who touch it. It has the ability to shift and grow, bringing ecstasy to her in multiple ways. What starts out as the most pleasurable experience of her life escalates as she brings others in the colony to know the plant's sweet embrace, until soon the whole colony falls under its sway.

This story is a compilation of three stories and is intended for mature audiences only, and features scenes of masturbation, tentacle sex, f/f/tentacle sex, m/f/f/tentacle sex, and a full on man, woman and tentacle orgy that's out of this world, and is 17,000 words in length.


A new tendril broke away from the tangled mess in the center of the room. Thick and glistening with sap, it rose up like a cobra, hovering in the air before her. Angie's eyes widened as she realized the alien plant had forced her into a compromising position, her knees spread almost painfully, exposing her pussy to the room beyond as she lay pinned to the wall by her back. She twitched, struggling, but the vines only held tighter. More snapped up out of the ones that held her knees, wrapping around both her wrists and driving them back to the steel wall with a hollow thump. Trapped and unable to move, she could only watch as the wrist-thick vine slithered closer to her body.

It paused, wavering before her. She tensed, whispering in silence to the alien entity to leave. She struggled vainly against the bonds that held her, to speak around the thickness that filled her throat.

The vine plunged into her pussy with a sudden blur of motion. Angie shrieked against the appendage in her mouth, eyes flaring wide as she felt eight inches of alien plant penetrate into her. Its faintly slimy coating was enough lubrication to allow it to slide into her shaven snatch with ease. She screamed, but after a short moment it dwindled into a deep moan as the vine writhed in a way no human cock ever could, as if caressing her from within. Her eyes fluttered closed as pleasure began to well inside of her.

Fictie en literatuur
27 januari
JB Richards

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