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Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were German writers, academics, linguists and researches living in the XVIII century. Their passion was to collect folklore tales and write fairytales on the basis of these stories. Their first book of fairytales  Children’s and Household Tales was published in 1812. Brothers Grimm are one of the greatest storytellers of all times. Nowadays everybody knows their fairytales Cinderella, Rapunzel and Snow White. These stories have been adapted by many cartoon and film makers, they are available in more then 100 languages. We proudly present you one of the most wonderful tales by Grimm brothers Brother and Sister.

This is a well-known European fairytale, whose first appearance was recorded in the 17th century. Little brother and sister had to leave their home as their stepmother treated them very bad. They had to survive in a forest somehow. Their stepmother was also a witch and she bewitched all the springs in the forest. When little brother drunk water from the spring, he turned a deer. Once the king held a hunt in the forest. He tried to catch the young deer, but when he saw his beautiful sister he fell in love with her and took both to the kingdom. He married the beautiful girl. When the witch heard how happy the children are, she decided to bring about their downfall. Whether she coped with it or not, you are going to know after the reading.

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24 februari
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