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Book 2: Bucky

Sarah learns more about her new powers as a succubus and how to lure men with magic, all the while falling more in love with her heartthrob and teacher, her Watcher, Mr. Morlock. She thinks she has it all under control, until she meets her next job - a young werewolf, Bucky - who just happens to be a Christian who does not want to have sex before marriage . . . the cross around his neck, also makes her powers useless. There is no one that wants her to fail more than the wife of her heartthrob, and former succubus and witch, Mrs Morlock, but Sarah has no intention of failing . . , at least not while Mrs Morlock is watching . . . and she will do everything it takes to succeed . . . 

Sarah has a sharp learning curve a head, but with each erotic encounter, she grows stronger in her powers . . . and closer to using them to finally have Mr. Morlock for herself . . . she will get him to fall in love with her . . .

Succubus Incorporated is a paranormal Romance. It is about the training of a new Succubus, a young eighteen year old girl named Sarah Donavan, who saves the world by having sex with mythical creatures - the only way to keep a demonic force from exiting its cage, a strange wooden idol. She just has one problem, the old sex witch, who is Mr. Morlock's wife, Mrs Morlock, hates her and there is a growing divide between them . . . 

This work is for 18+


Fictie en literatuur
14 april
Vanessa Von Vine

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