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Rick Cave is the captain of the HotTicket, a medium tonnage freighter spacecraft. To feed the fuel tank and kill time in the outlaw New Slav sectors of space, he takes shady jobs often with no questions asked. When an old war buddy shows up with a gorgeous companion, looking for a fast ride to the outer rim, he of course listens to their money. Rick soon learns he should have asked who they were running from. "The Positronic Pretty" promises danger, action, and a touch of romance in the classic spirit of the old pulps.

When the Nazis orchestrated an accident at one of the final races in the NAStar circuit, Finster earned himself a new name: Burn Job. Now, he's back and on the trail for revenge. First stop? A semi-legal street level race against a Sluglord with nothing to prove. The prize? A little, cash, access rights to the higher profile NAStar circuit, and Finster's woman, the gorgeous Sweetie Sally who was taken captive by the evil Fuhrer Brett. "Burn Job and the Artificial Honey" kicks off a series of adventures around the space lanes unlike any other!

In these two stories, C. C. Blake kicks off a brand new continuing series of pulpy space adventure! Each issue of C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas offers 10,000+ words of features telling tales about far futures from a ground level perspective. No space knights, no untarnished nobles, no interstellar orders battling resistances: These stories are about high tech low lives, the working class Joes and Janes who find themselves cast into sometimes grim and often grimy worlds overflowing with trouble and danger. Join the adventure!

Fictie en literatuur
June 24
Twice Told Tales II

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