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Rick Cave gets all kinds of jobs, legal, illegal, and all the shades of gray between these extremes. This time, a pretty girl wants some special body mods transported to a Luddite colony with no questions asked. While not completely illegal, such a shipment is frowned on to say the least. He arrives to find a colony permanently fixed in the tech period between the twenty-first and twenty-second centuries. However, no job is an easy one, and this time Rick has to content with mirrorshades-wearing oldsters eager for a little modding as well as some tough punks eager to shed a little blood. Will he be able to escape with his neck in tact?

Dutch has faced the Star Sultan to get his girl Reemalah back. Now, he and his woman are on the run, taking the cheapest options possible. It's a great way to lay low, but it's not a great way to stay alive. When he wakes up mid-voyage to find himself stuck inside a coffin with limited atmo, Dutch must struggle to escape before he runs out of breath. This story also features Fieldy and the Bleak's Company!

The eleventh issue of C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas has plenty of chills and thrills to offer even the most jaded reader of space opera. Blake delivers his trademark action and excitement by the fistful!

Sciencefiction en fantasy
21 april
Twice Told Tales II

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