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Rick Cave is rolling on the floor of Svetlana's with a gut full of buckshot: An AstroNazi farewell. He's not done yet. The bastards should have killed him if they knew what was good for them. Now, he's hot on their trail. He will venture into the cut shop known as the bondage pits to get the gal out. "The Beauty Snatchers" promises danger, action, and a touch of romance in the classic spirit of the old pulps.

The next step in Finster's journey to smash up der Fuhrer's ownership of the NAStar racing circuit takes him to a special track where anything and everything can happen. Flamethrower robots, teleportation panels, and more obstacles await him on the track. Off of it, the minions of Fuhrer Brett's favored racer, the one and only Space Pimp have more threats and challenges in store for the racer. "Burn Job and the Space Pimp's Wrath" continues Finster's adventures around the space lanes!

In these two stories, C. C. Blake continues his series of pulpy space adventure! Each issue of C. C. Blake's Sweaty Space Operas offers 10,000+ words of features telling tales about far futures from a ground level perspective. No space knights, no untarnished nobles, no interstellar orders battling resistances: These stories are about high tech low lives, the working class Joes and Janes who find themselves cast into sometimes grim and often grimy worlds overflowing with trouble and danger. Join the adventure!

Fictie en literatuur
July 22
Twice Told Tales II

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