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Giving birth is beautiful. Bringing life into the world is the most rewarding experience a woman could hope for. However, the experience can be great, or possibly end in disaster. C-Sections: Beyond the Scar, examines C-sections, VBAC, and Vaginal birth to help every woman and baby have a healthy and happy delivery.

You will read real facts and scientifically proven data to educate you on the truth of why C-section rates are so high, why they are risky, the incentive of money behind them, and the true costs Beyond the Scar. Educate yourself by reading about Dr. Reynolds' wife. She went through a stalled labor, an emergency C-section, and two VBAC deliveries.

All delivery methods are discussed in the book. You'll learn about C-sections, the method of how it's performed, the risks for mommy, the risks for the baby, and the business behind them. Educate yourself about the option of VBAC, or Vaginal Birth After Cesarean. Read about the benefits and risks of all birth methods so you can make the best decision you can.

Dr. Reynolds and his wife know first hand what it is like to go through these different delivery methods. Learn from their mistakes. Learn the truth about the best, safest, and healthiest ways to have a successful delivery. This book exposes how hospitals and doctors that push C-sections do not have your best interests in mind.

Read about their babies. Learn what you may expect when you have babies that arrived through different delivery methods. Educate yourself on the use of chiropractic for pregnancy issues, a successful delivery, and a healthier baby. The pages in this book may end up being the most impactful pages of information you read while you are pregnant. You'll be educated and empowered with the knowledge you attain by reading C-sections: Beyond the Scar.

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Dr. Curtis M. Reynolds

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