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He set out to find himself. Fate found him instead.

High school senior Michael Gillen, living on Earth in the late twenty-fifth century, can’t wait to flee his wretched life. But when he sets out to a military academy to fulfill his lifelong dream of exploring the stars, things go from bad to worse. Will the stubborn, free-spirited, and idealistic young man wash out before realizing his dream? Will his family’s past get the best of him? Can he keep his mind off other, more enticing distractions? Will he get his chance to set off into the stars before a terrible war breaks out?

"An enticing read." -- Midwest Book Review

“The book has lots of good twists and an interesting futuristic society.” -- reader review

"The characters were well developed and the suspense kept me turning the pages!!" -- reader review

"As someone who generally isn't interested in science fiction, I liked this book because the people and their experiences were the focus rather than the science fiction...I enjoyed seeing the characters come into their own...I did not anticipate the ending - it was a great twist" -- reader review

About the Series
Call of Destiny is part one of the series: One Small Step out of the Garden of Eden. The series, set five hundred years after the first Apollo moon landing, follows four young adults through their journey to find themselves and their place in the universe. The series is written for adults but has a PG-13 audience and can be enjoyed by ages 15 and up.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
September 15
Robert Wagoner

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