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A young boy loses his father and his little dog at the same time. Will the ghost of a young Indian girl bring him back from his sadness and despair?

Do you believe in angels? The Dove That Saved Charlie will be of special interest. Once a profound druggy and alcoholic, Charlie finds a new life with the help of a simple thing like a dove in his back yard.

Do you believe in Ghosts? A young boys ghost is trapped at Barkley Elementary until a kindly school librarian sets him free. Not only does she set him free, but finds love in the doing.

When trapped in the desert, how could a helicopter pilot, who died the previous day, come to Bobs rescue? Leftys Ghost must have done it.

Is there a place between Heaven and Hell, where we must somehow redeem or condemn ourselves? Wouldnt that be confusing? My Brother, My Haunting will make you laugh, but it will also make you wonder.

Will there be human-appearing cyborgs in the future? Can you imagine two cyborgs meeting, each believing the other to be human? (:

The stories in Cant You Hear The Whistle Blowing? will entertain in all these areas and more. 25 stories drawn from a repertoire of over a hundred, fifty, by one of todays most entertaining authors. Bill MacWithey receives comments from fans such as, So and so used to be my favorite author until I read your work.

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29 augustus
Xlibris US

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