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In this current economic climate, so many Americans facing unemployment experience anxiety and depresion. Carlos is the story of a  young African American man who struggles with just that when he is unexpectedly laid off.  The author tells the story of one man's road to recovery through prayer and family support.
After being laid off. Carlos Jones tries desperately to gain employment at the local sawmill. But he is repeatedly turned down because of high blood pressure. And although he is receiving an unemployment check, he still has a son to provide for and his health condition is worsening.
Neither Carlos nor his family realizes the severity of his health problems until it begins to affect their relationship. The stress of unemployment causes Carlos to feel anxious and depressed. And when he begins to hear voices encouraging him to act violently, he and his family do what they know best- pray.
Remarkably, Carlos begins to respond well to medications and soon his blood pressure lowers. He feels more optimistic and his opportunity for employment continues to grow. His family's belief in the lord grows stronger as their prayers are slowly answered.
Carlos and his family face new problems when they discover their cousin Dennis is in trouble for drugs. Now that he is in better health, Carlos becomes wrapped up in the fight to free Dennis. He investigates the situation by talking to drug dealers and others invoved. Once again, the family turns to prayer in an effort to help Dennis.
Carlos is a heart-warming tale of a family that sticks together through thick and thin. No matter what hardships they may face, Carlos knows he can always count on their love and support. And above all, the family continues to pray for those in need.

8 juni

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