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The spike machine has returned as Mars God of War. Sergeant Garcia, Lindsey, Michael, Issac, Adam and the e-robots are caught in an epic struggle against E1 Centurian and his steel men. The clash of the Gods forces the return of machine world by QC and Venus Goddess of Beauty returns as a savior of man. E1 Centurian is seduced by the evolution virus into believing his survival and the defection of many e-robots - justifies betrayal of positron. Positron joins the great tribes of North America at the Holy City Cakohia where a band of steel men seek to trap then from four corners. The Chiefs talk of their belief in a creator and his role in preserving his people. Isaac challenges the zionist belief that the promise land is Israel and he claims it is America. Adam talks about the exodus of Mose and the lessons learned for the indian nations. E1 Centurian is not allowed to win as Hiro returns with his Mech Robot army and E1 Centurian and him duel at the river. E1 Centurian escapes but Sergeant Garica relinquishes E1 disconnection from the positron central and initiate a knights challenge. Sergeant Garcia combines his twin thor hammers against E1 Centurians plasma sword in a contest of wit in the Roman Coliseum. Michael returns to North Korea fight an invisible Russian force that is using energy howitzers to knock out enemy air craft. Allied ground troops mobilize, as positron robots clear the 160 mile dmz from mines. The book ends with the beautiful birth of Lindsey and Michaels baby daughter.

Sciencefiction en fantasy
1 januari
David Nishimoto

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