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In late 1997, world order has been destabilized by recession and extreme nationalism. France and Germany unite to form the " European Confederation." EurCon's attempt to Eastern Europe under its control meets with resistance, particularly from Poland, and soon the U.S. and Britain are pulled into the struggle. The war and its build-up are reported by various observers: the senior CIA field man in Moscow, the private advisor to the U.S. president, a French intelligence agent, a Hungarian police commander, a Russian intelligence man, a CIA economist and officers of the American, German and Polish armed forces. The nonstop action includes massive air, naval and land battles with first-line equipment. 

“The techno-thriller has a new ace, and his name is Larry Bond.”

-Tom Clancy

“A superb storyteller. Bond seems to know everything about warfare, from the grunt in a foxhole to the fighter pilots far above the earth.”

- New York Times Book Review

“Bond clearly knows what he’s doing. Submarine warfare, dogfights in the air, and combat in the trenches are handled with authority and accuracy.”

- San Francisco Chronicle

“Techno-thriller fans rejoice! Larry Bond is good – very, very good. I started sweating on the first page.”

- Stephen Coonts

“Bond’s storytelling is superb.”

- Cleveland Plain Dealer

“Bond displays a firm grasp of how the national security bureaucracy in Washington goes into action and how the military deploys.

- Navy Times

“Bond does a good Job of conveying the strange exhilaration of combat.”

- Newsday

“Bond sets a new standard for the techno-thriller.”

- Orlando Sentinel

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7 december
Larry Bond and Patrick Larkin

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