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Does your husband arch his back in scream I'm cumming!

Today oral sex is like kissing if you aren't very good at it you won't please your mate to the fullest. That's probably because you had a bad teacher worse yet you had no teacher. Listen to me ma'am, don't be lazy and hone up your tongue skills and you'll never have to worry about losing your man.

 The art of sucking and licking your husband's penis has to be learned. 

In this book you will truly learn how to be a fellatio champion.   

You will learn about the secrets of deep throating and the caterpillar technique. A technique that will make him almost want to cum immediately.

You also learn what the Jade flute technique is, the harmonica technique, the cum thumb and the figure 8 and so many more.

After you read this book, you'll have the confidence it takes to ensure a good time for the both of you... and your man will wonder what got into you.  

Within its pages are loads of skills for satisfying your man along with tips on how to have a little fun for yourself along the way.  

Here is just a sample of what you'll learn:
If oral sex is OK with God in the married relationship.The various ways to spice up your sex life with your man.  How to communicate effectively with your husband by asking him some very specific questions. What your husband should eat to make things as pleasurable for you as possible.   How to get started with sex toys IF you're looking for that something extra. How to make your husband squirm with pleasure and have him begging you for more.    What to do with your eyes, hands, mouth, and tongue. How to practice with your tongue and a dildo till you become an expert.   How to build anticipation and excitement in him. How to decide whether you should spit or swallow or do something else with his semen.
 A woman that knows what she is doing while performing fellatio is able to connect with her man on a far deeper level. She can make her grown man moan, beg, and shake at his knees, all at the expense of the tricks she can perform with her mouth, tongue, and hands.

 So, get a copy today and get ready wend your man to heaven on earth!

23 september
Kelly Walls

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