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Many women approach the lovemaking act of fellatio with a sense of dread or obligation. Ladies this need not be so, as fellatio can - and should - be enjoyable for both the giver and the receiver. This book will teach you how to take the job out of giving your husband a blow job. Fellatio is a great way to express your love and devotion to your husband. Men find fellatio a lot more enjoyable as well when their wife is enthusiastic about giving them. Wanting to pleasure your man is often the best way to pleasure yourself, and fellatio can be your ace in the bedroom. So do yourself a favor ladies and give your man the greatest and most loving b*****b of his life. Keep reading to find out how.  The problem is for so many people is that they have been trained by pornography.  That is before they became a Christian. And pornography makes giving a b*****b look so easy. It seems you just put his penis in your mouth, and voila he goes off to orgasmville. However, sex in real life is much more complicated than that. Yet in real life it should be as enjoyable and intimate, than porn makes it out to be. Now in days gone by the blow job was just considered a part of foreplay; but today in this modern day everyone knows it's a centerpiece of a really great sex life.  But contrary to what most are saying not everyone who claims to be a deep throat expert really is one: The art of sucking and licking your husband's penis has to be learned.  In this book you will truly learn how to be a fellatio champion.   You will learn about the secrets of deep throating and caterpillaring your husband's penis. Why gaggling is such a powerful experience for your man; and why a powerful blow job can bring tears to your eyes. This great guidebook answers these questions and many more.  It contains lmost 200 of the Best Fellatio Techniques of fellatio fun.

Want to Learn How to Make This "Job" as Much Fun for You as It Is for Him?

Each page is laid out to give you several juicy tips on how to overcome the fear of going down on your partner  

Still not convinced, okay ladies, your man may or may not ask for it, but it's exactly what he wants believe me.  It's often his hidden, secret desire that you perform fellatio on him. Maybe's he's asked a time or two, but when that didn't work he just stopped asking. Maybe he's one of the lucky ones and you give in and give him one on special occasions from time to time. But believe me after you learn how to do it right this will become so special to you that you will want to do it more.   

Here is just a sample of what you'll learn: * If oral sex is OK with God in the married relationship. Then various ways to spice up your sex life with your man * How to communicate effectively with your husband by asking him some very specific questions. * What your husband should eat to make things as pleasurable for you as possible.   How to get started with sex toys IF you're looking for that something extra. * How to make your husband squirm with pleasure and have him begging you for more.  * What to do with your eyes, hands, mouth, and tongue. * How to practice with your tongue and a dildo till you become an expert. * How to build anticipation and excitement in him. * How to decide whether you should spit or swallow or do something else with his semen.

23 september
Kelly Walls

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