Claimed by a Shifter : Alpha Shifter Romance Collection

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Unbearable Seal

When Crag Boulder is sent to Vancouver Island on a special mission the Navy SEAL has no idea that the trip will change his life forever, as well as extending it by several hundred years. 

In a bar in the northern town of Port Hardy Crag meets Honoria, a girl he was once at school with, who never gave him the time of day. Now she's in the Navy too, and all of a sudden she wants him and can't get enough of him. 

In his room she bites his neck. What seems unusual, perhaps playful foreplay, turns out to be something else completely and Crag finds that he has been shapeshifted into a Werebear, with abilities he could only have dreamed of. 

But that's not all he has to contend with. From mating with Honoria, to saving the President of the United States from assassination, Crag is in for the wildest ride of his life. And if he survives it, what else will lie in store for the newest bear in SEAL team 13?

Saved by the Tiger Seal

Anita is alone in a strange land, working hard to forget about George, her sleaze ball cheating ex. When the opportunity arrives for her to organize the American ambassador's charity ball she throws herself fully into the role, eager to please her new boss. On the day before the event she is called to a security meeting where the enigmatic and dominant James Miller tells her that some of her plans have to be changed. James makes her look incompetent in front of her boss and Anita takes an immediate dislike to this handsome alpha male.

At the ball she is dismayed to find herself sat next to James for the whole evening. She doesn't want to let another man get under her skin and fights hard against his charms. But is this a battle that Anita can win? The evening takes an unexpected twist and James reveals more than she ever expected!

Tempted by Two Wolves

Christina was a small town nurse out having a girls' night with her best friend. Little did she know she would come across a tall and darkly handsome man who intrigued her, made her laugh, and made her want him. When Tarik was suddenly called away after giving Christina a kiss she'd never forget, Christina was shocked by something she simply could not accept. That is until Roland came to find her. 

Roland's task was to bring Christina to Tarik, but a spark was had between the two that couldn't be denied. Once alone with Tarik and Roland something happened that Christina never would have foreseen between the three of them, and she learned that what she feared was true; they were werewolves. 

Christina returned home trying to come to terms with everything that had taken place, but then the unexpected happened when members of an enemy werewolf pack knocked on Christina's door. Could she accept Tarik and Roland? And most importantly, was she in danger from the members of the enemy pack?s only!

Romantische fictie
20 augustus
Hot Alpha Publishing

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