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“If you would have done as I suggested and just read the article, you’d see that there is nothing degrading or demoralizing in it,” she said.
“If you would have done what I suggested in the first place about not writing some article about my friends, then I wouldn’t be here,” he said, his eyes narrowing. It made him even sexier.
“Well, damn it to hell,” she said. “Next time I’ll remember to put the security chain on the door or just not answer.”
“How about you just stop writing trash?” he asked.
“Not all of us are talented guitar monkeys – we don’t have it made.”
“Maybe you should find another job,” he said.
“And maybe you should read the article before you come over her complaining and whining,” she said, a fire lighting in her chest. “You’d save yourself a lot of embarrassment. “

Sometimes it takes all you have to keep your patience…
When a tabloid reporter clashes with a rockstar, sparks fly – in more ways than one.
Parker Milten is frustrated with the tabloids. His band had to deal with them when they split, and now, when one of the band members has a baby with a popular actress, the paparazzi is parked outside again. He does what he can to keep that little baby’s picture out of the rag mags, while protecting his own secret.
Logan Rogers gets her story, no matter the cost. But she doesn’t believe in lying or embellishing just to sell a magazine. She does have morals.
When the two meet, tempers flare and tensions rise – and that’s not all.

Romantische fictie
25 januari
JL Paul

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