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Discover the Password to Unlock the Best Version of You

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CODEBREAKER: Discover The Password To Unlock The Best Version Of You is more than a book, it's a system that perfectly explains the importance of the mind, body and soul connection. Intense emotional experiences often result in controlling programs that imprint neural pathways and DNA. And it's not just from the current generation. We've all experienced first hand what the mind can do to the body. This book is like a fine art masterpiece in demonstrating the connection.

Sandra and Daniel perfectly and clearly explain the difference between the ego mind code and the divine mind code, and the importance of being able to change your code to align with your True Self.

Here enlightened forgiveness is the anchor, the key to mastering the PLATINUM password and the code to living a PLATINUM life to the fullest.

CODEBREAKER has been designed as a high frequency talisman from its cover to the layout, quality of paper, the poems, quotations, stories and teachings — so that just holding the book changes your frequency.

This book speaks to each and every one of us personally and profoundly. You will feel like the book is speaking directly to you. It's easy to get hooked as you learn how to break the code!

As you read through and absorb the PLATINUM password you have the opportunity to experience deep and meaningful shifts.
The Activations in the form of the meditations in each chapter in Part Three are life-changing!

The Inquiry processes allow you to access deep unconscious thoughts that have become controlling programs. The Four Questions are asked first on page 87: What am I feeling? What am I focused on? How do I want to feel? What focus will serve that? By the time you read them for the last time you will feel a measurable shift. It will be like a completely changed and different person inhabits your body. And, that new person is here to stay.

The Quantum Neutrality Process, in Chapter 6, dramatically restores mental, physical, and emotional balance.

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