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Come Out and Play

Werewolves have captured the l imagination of women for years due to their rugged human-like appearance,their sheer danger, and unyielding hunger. The women in these stories mix it up with  wolves, and are in for the ride of their lives!

The Wolf

It's the day before Annette's wedding and she's worried that her bachelorette party won't be up to par.

Her best friend, Brandy, has other plans in mind that neither of them will forget. When she reveals that the stripper she hired is actually a werewolf the girls go absolutely wild!

WARNING! This story is for mature audiences and contains passionate and erotic depictions.

Enjoy ;)


The stripper, Heath, was in the bathroom, and while Annette would admit that he was hot, she was expecting a more lively party. When Heath stepped out of the bathroom wearing only a thong, Annette seemed to perk up a little. She was already drunk and looking for fun, so damn it, she was going to have some.

“Nice ass, baby!” she yelled out.

Brandy was pleased to see her friend embracing the moment.

“You don’t know the half,” she said.

“You ready for your next surprise?”

Annette thought about it, and wore a puzzled expression.

“You mean there is another stripper hiding in there somewhere?” she asked.

“Not quite,” Brandy said.

Heath grinned and flashed Brandy a knowing look. She winked at him, and Heath looked as though he were preparing for something.

“What was that all about, bitch?” Annette said, joking with Brandy, punching her in the shoulder.

“You’re about to find out,” she said.

Brandy stood up and walked over to the nearby window. She touched her hand to the blinds, looked over to Heath and then over to Annette, with a now or never look.

“You ready?” she asked Annette.

Turned By a Wolf:

Not your everyday werewolf erotica...

Tina works at a campground. On one fortuitous night, she decides to take a dip in the lake in her birthday suit.  Little did she know that she was being watched.

When she returns from her rejuvenating swim, she's met by a dark and handsome stranger who seems to have a carnal desire that she's never experienced with any mere mortal...


As she lifted her head and looked into Lance’s eyes, she froze in her tracks.

His eyes were the same golden yellow shade of the furry creature she was almost killed by. He opened his mouth to reveal sharp edged teeth that she had never seen on a human being before.

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18 mei
Marlo Peterson

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