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Continuing Mandarin Chinese Textbook is a new intermediate-level course in Mandarin which enables you to quickly learn the next level of the language—following the first book in the series, Elementary Mandarin Chinese Textbook.

The 24 lessons in this book are meant to be used in 3 hours per week of class instruction over one academic year. Students will need another 2–3 hours of outside practice and review for every hour of class time using the materials in the Continuing Mandarin Chinese Workbook that accompanies this textbook.

These books can also be used by self-study learners due to the extensive explanations and free supplementary materials available including online audio and video recordings and flash cards.

The entire course can be completed in 25 to 35 weeks and teaches you the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing Mandarin Chinese at a conversational level. Each lesson starts with a dialogue and includes a list of new and supplementary vocabulary along with questions and grammar notes about the dialogue, a reading section and extensive exercises (that are in the Workbook).

Continuing Mandarin Chinese Textbook offers the following significant advantages over other similar textbooks:Everyday Chinese dialogues are used for listening and practice — complete with vocabulary lists and questions and storylines based on actual everyday experiences in ChinaChinese grammar is explained in simple, non-technical terms with useful notes and tips givenReading exercises are provided for all new words and phrases in each lessonFree online audio recordings by native speakers from various parts of China help you not only acquire correct pronunciation but also to understand Chinese speakers who have different accentsIllustrations and supplementary video clips add authenticity to the dialogues in the bookA Chinese-English dictionary is provided at the back for easy reference
Chinese characters and Pinyin Romanized forms are used throughout the book except for the reading exercises—so this book is usable by learners who wish to focus on learning the spoken language and do not necessarily want to learn to read and write Chinese.

This textbook should be used with the accompanying Continuing Mandarin Chinese Workbook and with the accompanying audio files, which can be downloaded free directly from the Tuttle website.

20 oktober
Tuttle Publishing

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